It's December UnRecital Time!

by Amy Turner

I pretty much enjoyed all my piano recitals as a young student (except for that one time - yikes!), and only felt the slight increase in adrenaline that made me laser-focus and do better than I would have done in the relaxed comfort of my own home. Sounds backwards, I know - to do better under pressure - but that's my nervous system. My mother, however, remembers her clammy palms, racing heartbeat and intense nervousness at my recitals, much to her dismay. Note: despite her feelings, she and the rest of my family supported me at every venue they could attend, and for that I am grateful. As Pfafftown Piano prepares for its first music-sharing opportunity, I don't want anyone - students or parents - to feel afraid, upset, nervous, or anything other than a couple of small, healthy, barely-flapping butterflies. So we're going to have an UnRecital!

At a recital, guests sit quietly and listen. The "you could hear a pin drop" factor adds to the potential for giant butterflies. Not so at an unrecital. At an unrecital, guests come and go and never sit down to listen, and an unrecital is never, ever silent. At a recital, students play in a certain order, but not at our unrecital! Whomever wants to play next plays, and if one student wants to play twice or three times, great! At our unrecital, the assistance of the teacher is always an option. I am available to help get students started, play a duet with students, or just sit on the bench with a student to be a calming presence. At our unrecital, the focus will be less about ourselves and our skills and more about bringing joy to those around us who hear the heartwarming pieces that help share the Good News.

It's going to be really fun!

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