New Year, New Options!

by Amy Turner

It's already been a great week back at Pfafftown Piano, with students returning refreshed and renewed from a little break. Some have taken the break to do just that - take a break - and others used the time to get ahead and polish music lingering from last year. Either option is a commendable one, in my opinion. For some, working ahead and accomplishing unfinished tasks brings contentment. For others, the mental break is exactly the prescription for a renewed sense of motivation and energy for the new year. To all my students, I say welcome back and happy new piano year! 

Speaking of new, we have a few new and unique opportunities on the horizon this year!

All students are invited to participate in the National Guild of Piano Teachers Auditions (read: piano competition). Before you get nervous, consider this: it's not exactly competition against others (indirectly, it is) but instead it's more of an opportunity to set goals, reach them, and compete against oneself. There are prizes, yes, but satisfaction and personal achievement should be the goal for each student competing. If you're feeling competitive and motivated, let's talk about signing you up!


For the littlest ones, a new class offering! Piano Padawans (see picture) are classes ideally for children ages 3-5 accompanied by a parent for a brief 20 minute session; just enough time to focus on some new music skills, learn about the piano, and have quality bonding time with Mom or Dad. Contact to find out more and register.


A fantastic new option (shout-out to my student's genius mom who helped me gain the courage to make this a reality) for all students in one-on-one private lessons: a Flexible Scheduling option. For those of you (us!) with inconsistent weekly schedules and um, life, the option to schedule on a week-by-week basis is now a reality for you! Students may take no fewer than two lessons per month, scheduled whenever is convenient for both teacher and student. Cost remains the same at $20/30-minutes and $25/45-minutes. Padawans are asked to keep a fixed schedule for the sake of the young child's routine, and are not eligible for the flexible scheduling option.

And if you find yourself googling "padawan," click here.

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