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To My Students with Love

by Amy Turner

Happy Valentine's Day to the three- and four-year-olds, kindergarteners, early elementary kids, middle schoolers, high school young adults, adults-of-students-turned-students-themselves, and grandparents who I see in my studio week in and week out. It's no secret how much I love you all, but in case I don't say it enough, here's a love letter from your teacher...

I love that you trust me with your musical journey! It means so much that you place your trust in little ol' me, and that you come each week hoping to learn more. I love that you bring your books (every week, seriously, because I don't have duplicate copies of all your stuff and not having books means you have to sightread for 30 minutes the music of my choosing) and that you practice daily (seriously, every day at least 10 minutes or more). I love that you try new things and don't give up on yourselves! I love that you return year after year to the studio. I love the smiles on your faces when you come through the door. I love that we can laugh together at the keys and that you're not too hard on yourselves. I love to see little fingers getting stronger, and the growth in students who have been regularly working at the keys. I love that you come out to the mall to play Christmas music for others, and that we as a studio share that experience. 

I love finding out about what other interests you have and getting to know your personalities. I love trying to access that place of musicianship deep inside you that brings out joy during playing. I love challenges that we can overcome together, and celebrations of goals achieved. I love watching you succeed in recitals and in competition in front of a judge (now THAT'S impressive)! And I love making plans for our future together. I love signing my name at the back of your books and buying you new ones! I love sharing your triumphs with others (often on Instagram and Facebook!) and pressing you on to new ones. I love watching you figure out new concepts and I love seeing you look back on pieces that used to be "hard" with amazement at how far you've come.

I love that you take time out of your week for piano lessons, and I love YOU!

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