Change's Choice

by Amy Turner

Change is inevitable, and a pal of mine. I happen to be a person who loves to inhale the freshness of Change, and I look forward to its coming around regularly. Change and I get along well. We have a mutual respect, and my perspective is optimistic; that Change isn't necessarily restrictive. This year Change pushed me to grow, stretch, and expand in lots of ways; both tangibly and intangibly. Change is pretty excited about the studio expansion, and so am I. Change asked me the other day, "What if you fail?" and I didn't have an answer. Maybe because Change has never asked me that before, or maybe because it's not my assumption that failure is an option, I didn't have an answer. And in this unanswerable question lies the foundation of the heart of my buddy, Change. If we are positive we will not fail, are we destined to succeed? 

Being comfortable in a place or circumstance is not typically the way I roll. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve, to better myself, processes, and others, and to grow. So when Change brought up the idea of studio expansion, I considered it. What would it look like? Where would Change fit in the vision for the future? Would I have to abandon Change altogether, or could we balance in this unknown adjustment period? And the best question of all, "Why not?"

The enrollment for this year of piano lessons is off the charts, and to serve as many students as possible, expansion is necessary, according to Change. As pruning and shaping the vision for growth begins, there may be mild pain and inconvenience brought about by Change, but the end result is unimaginable growth. Keeping the studio contained and under constant control is too easy - at least, this is what Change thinks - and in order for wild imagination to run free through the business, some loosening of its boundaries is necessary. As growth begins, boundaries will widen, more folks will sign up for lessons, a business will grow, and thus, the community served. 

Change started nagging me at the beginning of 2019, and just wouldn't let up. I ignored the ideas, settled into my comfy spot and pressed on with sameness. But Change mentioned some pretty big ideas during the night a couple months ago. Instead of shushing those ideas back to sleep, I got up and considered. And now I'm so glad I did.

Looking forward to serving MORE students than ever in 2019-2020 in Pfafftown and West End.

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