Mary Catherine Kearney
Amy has taught piano to two of my children and has encouraged a life long love of music.  After about two years of lessons in elementary school, my son, now a high school senior, still plays on a regular basis.  My daughter is going on her fourth year and looks forward to every lesson, where she is encouraged, loved and stretched, learning a range of styles and composers as well as a strong understanding of theory.  Teaching music is Mrs. Amy’s passion and it is a privilege to have her as our teacher.
David Williamson
A gifted musician and an effective teacher! Children will find no greater encourager than Amy Turner.
Debbie Hampton

Because Amy lives and breathes her love of music--i.e., music is her very life--she is considerate to the level of the person she is teaching and is very patient yet pushes the student every step of the way. She is a serious and calm instructor who encourages, and desires deeply that her students  succeed.

Jack Shearin
Amy Turner helped me (at age 80) re-learn piano skills that had been lost through non-use.  I took weekly lessons with her for three and one/half years. She is both talented and also lovable.