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Learn to play piano
on your schedule 

Begin your journey with Pfafftown Piano.

Lessons for All Ages

Pfafftown Piano believes in quality instruction for children and adults. Here, you'll become a versatile musician.

Pfafftown Piano delivers piano instruction in a fun, encouraging manner with each student given tools to help him or her build a solid foundation in music. The studio's techniques not only work for beginners but also help intermediate and advanced pianists grow and develop. Choose a lesson style from our many options that suits your schedule and your time!

The studio offers in-person traditional lessons along with newly created asynchronous lessons as a response to COVID-19 teaching challenges that began in 2020. Asynchronous lessons have quickly become a popular choice for folks wishing to learn on their own schedule.  Additionally, owner and lead teacher, Amy Turner, created a fully online video course for brand new beginners called "Consider Piano." Consider Piano serves to answer the question, "Is my child ready for lessons?" before committing. 

Learn to Recognize, Read and Play Music

At Pfafftown Piano, you will learn to accurately read music notes, and play music that you love! Music knowledge gained at the piano will make learning other instruments easy.

Fully Equipped for Online Learning

In 2020, Pfafftown Piano outfitted the studio for Zoom, online, video-based, asynchronous and course-based learning.

Methods Matched to Your Personality

To help you gain momentum in your music journey, the teacher will help select piano books and a method for you that suits your learning style and personality. 

Use Your Device for Asynchronous Lessons

Easily work on piano lessons on your own time and schedule with asynchronous lessons. All you need is a phone, iPad, computer; any device will do. 

All Levels of Learners are Invited to Study

Pfafftown Piano accepts all levels of students and can help learners progress from level to level with personal practice.

Trusted by Families

Currently serving almost 70 students, Pfafftown Piano offers the best instruction for students in it for the long haul. 

Creative Learning Methods

Choose the method that works best for you and your schedule!

Offering Both In-Person and Video-Based Lessons

In-person lessons serve as the traditional model for piano lessons, but they definitely aren't the only way to learn. With Pfafftown Piano poised to operate in many different capacities, such as Zoom and Asynchronous Lessons, students will discover a method that fits perfectly into life. 

In-person lessons meet in the instructor's studio in Pfafftown, NC, traditionally once-a-week for 30 to 45 minutes. Zoom lessons are available to anyone with an internet connection, and Pfafftown Piano currently serves students in NC and GA. Asynchronous Lessons are available to anyone with a camera and recording capabilities. The newest addition to the studio, Async Lessons are extremely convenient, with students learning completely on their own time via traded video messages between instructor and student. 

Contact Amy to discuss any of these options.

Superior Ratings Five Years in a Row

In the past five years, students of Pfafftown Piano who participated in annual end-of-year judging received unanimous "Superior" ratings. Judges have been from the National Guild of Piano Teachers and local experts in the field of piano performance. The studio looks forward to year six competition and hopes for the same success for years to come! 

Registration at Pfafftown Piano is free. Your registration gives the instructor a timestamped record of your interest. After registering, you will receive email communication from your instructor about availability of the method that you have chosen (in-person, asynchronous, etc.).

The studio accepts cash, check, and online payments. 

Piano study depends entirely on student practice. That said, a student practicing consistently can learn a lot in a short time. Your instructor serves as your guide and consultant during your learning process, but the speed of progress is up to you.

Yes, you can! Of course! Why not? Your instructor will assist you in finding a method to help you learn the basics, but by all means, playing music you love is the goal.

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