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At Pfafftown Piano, learning to play piano is fun! Piano lessons are not meant to be boring or overly difficult. With Amy as teacher, students can count on receiving encouragement at every lesson and during each interaction. At the same time, students should expect top-notch instruction from a degreed teacher; one who sets the bar high in regard to education. The studio does not use shortcuts or tricks, nor does it promise "play today" output. Lessons take practice and dedication, but who says practice can't be fun?!

Pfafftown Piano seeks to inspire all ages with a love of music. Children as young as age five are welcomed into the studio, along with adults of all ages. It is never too late to begin your music journey!

In 2021, the studio is celebrating its fifth consecutive year being awarded "Superior" status in piano student auditions! Students who choose to compete in piano auditions at the end of each traditional school year choose to play pieces for a judge not associated with Pfafftown Piano. For five straight years, students who have prepared for this nail-biting competition have earned the highest honors by placing in the "Superior" category of young musicians.