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Here at Pfafftown Piano, students are accepted as young as age five! If your child is at least five years old and is showing an interest on an instrument in your home, let's give it a try!

Consider Piano, a course designed for students who have never taken piano before, is always an option to test the waters. Designed to be completed on your own time, Consider Piano offers a glimpse into the basic structure of lessons and reading music to see if a student wants to pursue a commitment to lessons in the future.

Pfafftown Piano accepts cash, checks, and online payments. 

Yes, absolutely! In fact, a good portion of the studio is made up of adults who are returning to piano lessons after taking lessons as a child, or adults who are starting a new adventure.

Every student should prepare his or her camera setup for asynchronous lessons as indicated by Mrs. Amy’s introductory video. Books should be purchased and kept near the piano for easy access and to serve as a reminder to practice. 

Beginners - adults and children - will be asked to purchase books the teacher recommends. Students are expected to cover the costs of all books and materials.

It depends! I prefer the Faber, Alfred, Bastien, and Piano Pronto methods for child beginners age 7 and above, and Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts for the very young child. Some method books begin children with hands learning to play separately, but I find that learning to play hands together from the very first lesson creates a sense of unity between the hands. The hands playing the keyboard are, after all, a unit, and need to function together at the same time. Different methods have different approaches that work beautifully with certain personalities!

For adult beginners, I recommended the Alfred method. Alfred's "Adult Piano Course" is a perfect way to start. The method is not insulting to the adult learner yet presents all the necessary basics for growth and learning.

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